For thousands of years the night sky was a source of inspiration for stories and dreams, but what was really there was limited to the viewer’s imagination. This gallery tells us about the all-important dreamers, the first geniuses to document their great visions about exploring space. Some were even able to combine their fascinating conceptualizations of space travel with early science.

The dreamers included many writers and artists. The writers were able to create breath-taking stories that often went on to resemble the future of space exploration with astounding accuracy. The artists depicted space in such an inspiring and intriguing way that it sparkled a broader public interest in space travel. Most importantly, these dreamers were instrumental in motivating many gifted people who later went on to make space travel a reality.

The Dreamers gallery is “steam punk” inspired. Whimsical architecture, structural shapes and iconic lines frame the dreamers who first sent us on our journey towards modern day space travel. 

  NASA - A Human Adventure - Bangkok - 37959 - 20150201
NASA - A Human Adventure - Tokyo - set-up - _G8Q3832 - 494 - 2014   NASA - A Human Adventure - Bangkok - Jouni Salo - 40199 - 20150201
NASA - A Human Adventure - Bangkok - Jouni Salo - 40224 - 20150201